Bridget O'Dea

F, b. December 6, 1863
Father*Thomas O'Dea b. 1827, d. December 12, 1896
Mother*Julia O'Donnell
     Bridget O'Dea was born on December 6, 1863 in Boherroe in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick. Godparents were John Dea and Catherine Hourigan. She was the daughter of Thomas O'Dea and Julia O'Donnell. Bridget O'Dea married David Cotter, son of Robert Cotter and Helen O'Donnell, on February 14, 1893 in Knocklong Church, Knocklong, County Limerick. Bridget was working at Cotter's in Ballynahinch Knocklong and their nephew David cotter was living with them. Bridget was given two options by the Cotters, one was to get an annual wage of about £4.00 per year or marry David the nephew, she took the marriage option and never regretted it. They got the farm and £1300 pounds. Witnesses at the wedding were Robert Cotter and Anne O'Dea.

Children of Bridget O'Dea and David Cotter

ChartsPater Familias O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
Thomas (Michael) O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
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