John O'Dea

M, b. circa 1755, d. before March 27, 1841
Father*Line One (John the Elder) b. circa 1735
John O'Dea
     John O'Dea was born circa 1755 in County Limerick.1 He was the son of Line One (John the Elder). John O'Dea married Mary Apjohn in 1785 in Kilteely Church, Kilteely, County Limerick. Although it is likely that John O'Dea and Mary Apjohn were married in the church at Kilteely, Mary never converted to the Catholic faith and continued to worship each Sunday, while John took the chilcren to Mass in Kilteely, at the church at Drumkeen. Family lore has it that she would hitch a horse to a cart and make the trip religiously every week. The children, of course, were raised Catholic. John O'Dea was buried in Kilteely Churchyard, Kilteely, County Limerick.2 He died before March 27, 1841 in Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick.1
     He witnessed the birth of Michael O'Dea on July 21, 1840 in Kildromin in the Parish of Kilteely, County Limerick. Godparents were Catherine Collins and John O'Dea.3,4 John O'Dea left a will on March 27, 1841 in County Limerick. "The Last Will and Testament of John Dea late of Milltown in the County of Limerick and Diocese of Cashel farmer deceased was proved and approved in common form of law and registered in the Consistorial Court of Cashel and the burden of the execution of said will together with administration of the goods of said deceased were granted by the Right Reverend father in God Stephen and so forth unto Michael Dea one of the Executors named in said will he being first sworn saving, and so forth, Dated the 27th day of March 1841 and he has to exhibit an Inventory on or before the last day of September next ensuing."

Although Michael is listed as the Executor of the will, probably because he was the oldest, in the Catholic religion, he would have no right to inherit from his father because of his illigitimacy, whereas in the Church of Ireland tradition all children illegitimate or not could receive an inheritance. We do know, however, that Michael did receive some land in Drumkeen. Taking on a lease like that, however, would not be considered inheritance, but would be something discussed between the landlord and the main tenant.5

Children of John O'Dea and Mary Apjohn


1826John holds the lease on a plot of land a little over 12 Irish acres.Tithe Applotment Book, Miltown in the Parish of Kilteely, County Limerick6
1826John holds the lease on a plot of land a little over 36 Irish acres.Tithe Applotment Book, Kildromin in the Parish of Kilteely, County Limerick7
ChartsPater Familias O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
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