Robert O'Dea

M, b. before 1799, d. May 6, 1886
Father*John O'Dea b. circa 1755, d. before March 27, 1841
Mother*Mary Apjohn b. 1767, d. September 20, 1833
     Robert O'Dea was born before 1799 in Lought, Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick. He was the son of John O'Dea and Mary Apjohn. Robert O'Dea married Catherine Collins on February 16, 1829 in in the Parish of Murroe and Boher, County Limerick. John Collins and Margaret Fitzgerald were witnesses at the wedding.1 Robert O'Dea died on May 6, 1886 in Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick. He was buried in Kilteely Churchyard, Kilteely, County Limerick.2

Children of Robert O'Dea and Catherine Collins


from 1830 to 1850The Tenure Books for Miltown cover land rentals beginning in 1830. Most of these leases were for “for life” which meant for the life of the person holding the lease and not necessarily for his or her offspring. Because of the large number of emigrations because of the Famine, this book is hard to read since names were simply crossed out and others written over them when a person left his or her land holding.

From the Tenure Book for Miltown, we conclude the following:

In 1830, Thomas Day, son of John, rented a dairy, house and land (a little over 6 acres ) from Mrs. Charlotte Wolfe and a second house and land (an additional 36 acres) as well. In addition, he rented a couple of acres to John Reordan “at will” (probably a hired man). Over the years, Thomas acquired more and more land in Miltown: 1) a house and land (over 4 acres) from Matthew Day, 2) house and land from Honora Day (the house was apparently destroyed after Thomas took over the property), 3) a house and land from Michael Day, 4) a house and land (about 8 acres) from Sally Day, 5) a bit of land from Norrie Day who was living on it free by permission of the above Sally, and 6) more land from Michael Day.

The other original land holders in 1830 were Robert Day, Thomas Day (son of Darby) and Thomas Bartley. When Thomas died, his lease was taken over initially by his son, Darby, and when Darby emigrated in 1848, the land was taken over by Robert Day. Likewise, when Thomas Bartley emigrated in 1849, Robert took over his land as well.

While there were eleven different land holders in 1830, by 1850, this number had been reduced to four: 1) Thomas, the son of John, and his hired man, John Reardon, Robert Day, Thomas’ brother, and Michael Day, possibly the son of John and brother of Thomas.
Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick3
October, 1832Although Robert is not mentioned in the Tithe Books just a few years earlier, he is mentioned in a list of land holders published by The Limerick Chronicle as having land in Miltown. Perhaps it was between 1826 and 1832 that he acquired this land. See the entries in Griffith's Valuation below for Miltown and Kildromin.Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick4
June 29, 1853Robert is renting house, office and land (about 42 acres) from the Rev. Michael L. Apjohn. He is subletting portions of this land to James Reardon, Patrick Cummins and Dennis Hayes (all lots of less than an acre).Griffith's Valuation, Kildromin in the Parish of Kilteely, County Limerick5
June 29, 1853Robert is renting house, office and land (about 35 acres) from Mrs. Charlotte WolfeGriffith's Valuation, Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, County Limerick5
ChartsPater Familias O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
Robert (John) O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
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