Patrick Murnane

M, b. circa 1801, d. between 1860 and 1863
Father*Michael Murnane b. circa 1778
Mother*Mary _____ b. circa 1778
     Patrick Murnane was born circa 1801 in County Limerick. He was the son of Michael Murnane and Mary _____. Patrick Murnane married Ann Adams, daughter of John Adams and _____ _____, on February 14, 1831 in Chancellorsland Townland, Emly, County Tipperary. Sponsors for the marriage were Thomas Adams, John Neill and Mary Adams.1 Patrick Murnane died between 1860 and 1863 in Henry, Marshall County, Illinois. Although there is no cemetery record for Patrick's death, he was probably buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery near Henry.
     He witnessed the marriage of Johanna Murnane and Darby Day on February 6, 1842 in St. Ailbe Church, Emly, County Tipperary. The couple were married "in the presence of" James Murnane, Patrick Murnane and Hannah Adams. James and Patrick were Johanna's first cousins and Anna Adams was the wife of Patrick. Although it was customary to ask brothers and sisters to witness a wedding, Johanna may have chosen her cousins because she was an only child. The wedding took place in Emly and this may explain why none of Darby's siblings were asked to be witnesses since they all lived in Kilteely. Note also that both Patrick Murnane and the family of James Murnane (after he died) emigrated with Darby and Johanna to the United States in 1848. Although James' widow, Nore Keefe, stayed in New York, Patrick and his family moved with Darby and Johanna to Illinois in 1854. It appears the two families were very close.2 Patrick Murnane immigrated on December 18, 1849 to New York, New York, on the ship Queen of the West. Listed on the manifest for the Queen of the West was Patrick's family--Ann, Michael Bridget and Thomas. We assume that Patrick's other sons, John, Patrick and James, had died before 1849. His daughters, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth, may have died or may have married before 1849. Also listed on the manifest was a Widow Murnane (aged 54), her son Patrick (aged 20) and daughter Margaret (aged 14). This is Nora Keeffe, widow of James Murnane, Patrick's brother.3 He witnessed the naturalization of Patrick Hopper on October 3, 1860 in Lacon, Marshall County, Illinois.4 Patrick Murnane left a will in 1863 in Henry, Marshall County, Illinois. In this will, his son, Michael, inherits the land Patrick purchased in 1854, the house next to Darby and Johanna Day.5

Children of Patrick Murnane and Ann Adams


May 3, 1847An initial survey and valuation for Griffith's Valuation of Ireland was made on this date. It indicates that Patrick a lease on about 8 acres of land since 1835 from John Ryan.Dromcomogue in the Parish of Emly, County Tipperary6
September, 1848The survey of the Parish of Emily for Griffith's Valuation of Ireland was conducted on this date although the volume containing the information would not be published until 1851. It indicates that Patrick had a house, the dimensions of which were 35.6 x 19.6 x 7.6.Dromcomogue in the Parish of Emly, County Tipperary6
September 3, 18501850 Federal Census: Note that Ann's brother, Thomas who had immigrated only a few months before Ann and her family (November 1848), was also living in Ontario County in 1850 (East Bloomfield Township borders Canandaigue Township.)East Bloomfield Township, Ontario County, New York7
October 27, 1851Griffith's Valuation of Ireland for the Parish of Emly was published on this date. However, by the time it was published, Patrick and his family had already emigrated to the United States and were living in Ontario County, New York.Dromcomogue in the Parish of Emly, County Tipperary6
1853Patrick Marnane is listed as a laborer in the Buffalo City Directory. Note that this record is from 1853; there are no similar records for 1852 and 1854.Pine Street near William Street, Buffalo, Erie County, New York8
1854It's possible that several families, seventeen people in all, made this trip together to Illinois and that it may have been made in two steps: the first step was to gather in Buffalo, New York, and then to set out from there: Darby and his family, Darby's sister's family (Bridget and Timothy Dorsey), Johanna's first cousins, Patrick and Ann Murnane and family and the widow of James Marnane and family.Henry, Marshall County, Illinois
January 2, 1854The land Patrick purchased (next to Darby and Johanna Day) was mentioned in his will when it was passed down to his son, Michael.Henry, Marshall County, Illinois5
June 4, 18601860 Federal Census: Patrick Murnane and his family lived next door to Darby Day and his family in the town of Henry.Henry, Marshall County, Illinois9
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